Ashton is the daughter of Pastor Rod and Joni Parsley. She was quite literally born and raised at World Harvest Church in Columbus, Ohio, where her parents have pastored for over 40 years. Ashton developed a passion and a gift for writing at a very young age, penning stories and poems and even having some of her work published as early as the seventh grade. Ashton continued to perfect her talent for writing throughout high school, and was accepted into Miami University's Creative Writing program her senior year. Even while away at college, Ashton stayed connected to World Harvest and during that time, God stirred up the desire of her heart to write within new avenues, including music and television. Ashton began writing for Harvest Music Live and Breakthrough Television in 2011, when she returned to Columbus after her undergraduate studies and began working for Valor Christian College and World Harvest Church.

Ashton felt a unique calling on her life to accelerate her father's vision for the up-and-coming generation and believed that a new, original sound was the key: "Music can reach across generations and speak to the soul. I cried out to God and asked Him to use the gift He had given me to light the world on divinely inspire me to write songs that would awaken the hearts of a people who desire true revival."   

Ashton Parsley earned her Bachelor's Degree from Miami University in English: Creative Writing in May of 2011. She continued her education and graduated from Liberty University with a Master's Degree in Human Services: Christian Ministry in May of 2013. Ashton serves in many different capacities at Valor Christian College and the varied ministries of World Harvest Church. At Valor, Ashton serves as the Director of Student Life and Ministry Affairs. At World Harvest Church, she acts as Social Media Director and recently stepped into the role of Creative Director for the ministry at-large.  Ashton also co-hosts and co-produces Breakthrough TV with her father, Dr. Rod Parsley, hosts RODPARSLEY.TV, and hosted her own show - “Seriously?! with Ashton Parsley” - which is now nationally syndicated.